Streaming Help & Hints

Are you ready for the show? Want to watch it on your television?

 We don’t know what your set up is at home but when all else fails:

-Search “Casting to (Your television model)” into your favorite web search browser. There are literally millions of resources out there.

-Make sure you either have compatible equipment (HDMI cable, Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast)

-When all else fails call your resident IT person: the tech0savy young person in your life!

- For the production A Christmas Carol we are using an On Demand service which means you can watch it at anytime during the running dates. You can download the app if you have Apple TV, or Roku. If not try the troubleshooting above to get it onto your television. The Broadway On Demand user guide is below.

Broadway On Demand User Guide