Applause & Appreciation

from our audience. the best critic.

Gary Loddo
Kelley Dolan Ryan 
Alice Shaprio
Daniel Mann


The production value and casting is  SENSATIONAL!

 I love this little theatre! - Dani Belfatto

Todd Hanson
Samantha Cramton


- Brad Donner

"the intimate theatre added to the thrill off the production. you will not regret spending an evening with this amazing group of very talented actors!" 

- Sandy eigenmanoo

"The community theater was

as always

a wonderful way to spend the evening."

- Tim Sands

"Cool, intimate theatre with a dedicated following of patrons and volunteers. Has been serving the community for decades."

- evan smith

"They just keep getting better and BETTER!"

- Jeffery Miller
Ian Campbell
Heather Jackson
Jasmine Barnett

"A great local theatre. If live entertainment is what you're after, then the Cascades Theatre has great shows happening all of the time!" - Andrew Cramtonvely

"Love the intimate setting and the quality of performance is always stellar!"


- Katie Sheldon

"Hands down the best theater venue in Central Oregon.

Local talent is tremendously versatile and dedicated bringing their best to all theater genres." 

- Richard Choate

"It's wonderful to have access to this wonderful theater for such an incredibly low price."


- Wilma Joanis

"Fantastic place to see creative people do some cool work!"

- Michael T.

"This is a lovely little theatre with top talent and a friendly ambiance. I look forward to many more shows at CTC!" - Margo A.

"I can't wait for the next show!"

- Teresa L.


"Beyond Impressed!" 

- Peggy Spittler




- Evan Smith

"You can't go wrong with a night out at the theatre, and with great performances by awesome people, what's not to love?" - Spencer Light

Donna Burklo
 Leroy DeVenny
Helen Dehner

"Highly recommend going to see Plays here. Nice atmosphere and good actors."

- Laurie J Uding

"Amazing community theatre with diverse shows that, with the smaller size of the theatre, make you feel like you are fully submersed. Every show I've seen in this theatre has been amazing and unique. "

- Zoe M.

"Fun small town experience in a charming cozy theater. Very reasonable ticket prices for good night's entertainment."

- Steve Hoffman


Joanna White-Wolff