Founded in 1978, Cascades Theatrical Company is the oldest community theatre in Central Oregon. CTC laid the foundation for the theatre groups performing today and it is the only volunteer-based community theatre.

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Theatre For All

Wonderful, intimate theatre with amazingly talented actors & actresses... Have never been disappointed!  Go see something there!!  - Dianne S.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to enrich the Central Oregon 
community experience by bringing live theater, 
film arts, music, dance, and storytelling to our stage. 

We connect community by creating equal oppor-
tunity for all who want to participate in the education, 
collaboration, performance, and production of the 
Performing Arts. We are theater for all. 

Cascades Theatrical Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1978. We are a membership organization, where all aspects of our productions, on and offstage, are created by volunteers.


Our Vision

To open the hearts and capture the minds of all Central Oregon on the value of the Performing Arts and its contribution to our lives.  


“Where the Performing Arts entertain, educate, elevate, and connect us all.” 

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!