Cascades Theatre's


The care and wellbeing of our patrons, performers, and volunteers, are our top priority. What we are doing to keep you and your family healthy.

 Our Patrons

  • Masks are required in the theatre for all patrons over the age of 5.

  • Health screening and sanitizing required upon entry

  • Clearly marked spaces throughout the entire theatre to help take the guess work out of social distancing

  • Providing access to hand sanitizer, and anti-bacterial handsoap

  • Limiting capacity of auditorium to 40 patrons with 3 seats (6 ft distance) in-between groups

  • Offering ushering services for each party upon entering and exiting the auditorium and inseat concession orders

  • Posting lots of reminder signs about our COVID conduct expectations regarding hand washing, masks, and distancing

  • Cleanings of our theatre after EVERY event – even multiple times a day if necessary

  • Keeping check-in/check-out logs for CTC events to make easy any necessary cooperation with contact tracing efforts by local health authorities


Our Volunteers and Performers

  • All of the above precautions and requirements

  • Health screenings at the beginning of all auditions and rehearsals

  • Outdoor rehearsals when available

  • Clearly marked spaces throughout the entire rehearsal space to help take the guess work out of social distancing

*We are exceeding all state mandated practices for COVID preparedness. While we will work to ensure the safety of our patrons and volunteers, we recognize that COVID-19 is serious and despite precautions, there is always the risk that the virus can travel and infect anyone. No program or business is without risks. The ultimate decision to participate requires you to assess the level of risk that provides you comfort. We will not be offended if you choose not to visit or participate in the theatre at this time. We hope you consider becoming a member, donating, and participating in our INHOME viewing options to lend your support.

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