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cascade 10 play festival

auditions: march 2 & 3


Auditions will be held at 1900 NW Division Unit #206

7pm - 9pm

Cascades 10 – 2020
Play Synopses – Character Breakdown

"Reigning Cats & Dogs" by Patrick Hughey
Director: Karen Sipes
Synopsis: Dog gets locked outside by forgetful owner and has philosophical discourse with cat
about the life of cats vs. dogs. Hilarious and on point.
Character Breakdown:
1 Cat
1 Dog
Any age – gender neutral

"The Divide" by Mindy Roll
Director: Bill Lindsay
Synopsis: A professor of English meets with a student to critique the student’s writing. The
major criticism is that the student’s writing has no plot and no conflict. The play is full of
Character Breakdown:
Professor – Male or Female, visibly older than student
Student – Male or Female, 18-25

“The Voice in My Head” by Anna Nicholas
Director: Mark McConnell
Synopsis: Richard and Molly make a Tinder connection in a bar. Richard’s inner voice, Rafe,
and Molly’s inner voice, Mia, direct everything Richard and Molly say and do.
Character Breakdown:
Richard – 30 something male, single and dating
Molly – 30 something female, single and dating
Rafe – Voice in Richard’s head
Mia – Voice in Molly’s head


Alternative Character Combinations:
3F, 1M
3M, 1F

“A Dollar a Poem” by Ellen Prescott

Director: Ann Marie Anderson
Synopsis: Melanie sells poems. Sandy, an insurance executive, reluctantly buys them.
Character Breakdown:
Melanie – a 40-something street poet, single
Sandy – a 50-something corporate employee, married, mother of 3 grown sons.

“In or Out?” by Mark Saunders
Director: Julee Vadnais
Synopsis: A man dies and must decide whether to accept the finality of his death or choose to be
reborn, but with no guarantees of what kind of creature he’ll return as.
Character Breakdown:
Clerk – 20-something female, cheerful, upbeat sales-type
Mr. Shepherd – 60 or 70-something male

“Eleven” by Rachael Carnes
Director: Mykaylynn Oakes
Synopsis: Ella is eleven. She wants a phone, make-up and short shorts. She and her mother
navigate the ups and downs of elevenhood.
Character Breakdown:
Ellla – 6th grade girl
Marcy – Late 20s – early 40s

“Rent” by Lolly Ward
Director: Pete Ficht
Synopsis: A two-person comedy set in Portland where great expectations meet brutal reality.
When a woman tries to rent a room, she gets less than she bargained for.
Character Breakdown:
Hazel – an artistic photographer – 20s
Kitty – an artistic painter – 30s

“It’s a Big Universe” by Ron McCracken
Director: David DaCosta
Synopsis: A man and a girl struggle to find common ground on the potential of an after-life... or lack thereof.

Male 40-50

Girl 18-25

All Aspects Teen Theatre

The Trial of the

big bad wolf

By Joseph robinette

auditions: MARCH 23 & 24


all audition dates subject to change

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