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bright star

By steve martin & edie brickell


Audition locations will be posted soon!


feb 24 - vocal AuditionS



For vocal auditions, please provide the sheet music for accompanist and prepare 16-32 bars of a song that shows off your range. You may go beyond the typical musical theatre repertoire and sing a country or bluegrass style song.  You may also sing from the show if you prefer (attached below).


If you play an instrument (piano excluded) please show us! We especially want to see those that can play the following: Accordion, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Upright Bass

Feb 25 - dance auditionS



Please wear movement clothes and jazz/character shoes



It is strongly advised that those interested attend BOTH the vocal and dance auditions. If unable to attend

please contact the director, Craig Brauner, by email ( to work something out!


feb 26 - callback auditions





Alice Murphy (LEAD; late 20’s-40; Female Identifying; Alto with high mix G3-E5; any ethnicity): Plays Alice at age 38--an editor of a southern literary magazine; intelligent, professional--but with an air of melancholy. The same actress plays Young Alice at age 16--rebellious, high-spirited, adventurous--looking to break out of small-town life and experience the world. Strong singer comfortable in folk / bluegrass.


Margo Crawford (SUPPORTING; 20-35; Female Identifying; Alto G3-C5; any ethnicity): A small-town bookstore owner and the childhood friend of Billy Cane. When he returns from the war, she is overjoyed to see him but her hopes of a romantic reunion are quickly dashed when she learns of his plans to move to Asheville. Must be able to move well.


Mama Murphy (FEATURED; 50-65; Female Identifying; Alto G3-D5; any ethnicity): Alice’s mother. A caretaker to her family and a fierce protector of Alice, even though she is a handful. rural community. A warm, loving, sensible woman with great inner strength and compassion. Non-Dancing Role.


Lucy Grant (SUPPORTING; 20-35; Female Identifying; Alto G3-C5; any ethnicity): Strong, forthright and provocative with a sharp sense of humor. is a whip-smart, dynamic, funny junior editor at The Asheville Southern Journal. She and Darryl are close friends. Together, they are very loyal to Alice and extremely proud to be working for her. Must be able to move well.


Florence – (Variable age; Female Identifying; Variable voice range): an employee at Margo’s bookstore and a childhood friend of both Billy and Margo.


Edna – (20s-30s; Female Identifying; Variable voice range) an employee at Margo’s bookstore.


Ensemble: Open age range, any ethnicity, who can sing and move well. Possible doubling as Edna, Florence, Dr. Norquist, Government Clerk, Well Dressed Woman, etc. Please note this is an ensemble based and driven show. The ensemble moves the story forward and the production team intends to use the ensemble as much as possible to create the world of this piece.




Billy Cane (LEAD; 20-35; Male Identifying; Bari-tenor B2-F#4; any ethnicity): A charming, optimistic young man who returns home from WWII a hero and ready to make his mark on the world. He is good friends with Margo, whom he does not realize carries romantic feelings for him. Must be able to move well.


Jimmy Ray Dobbs (LEAD; 20-35; Male Identifying; Tenor C3-G#4; any ethnicity): Plays Jimmy Ray in his early 20s in flashbacks--Mayor Dobbs’ son and young Alice beau; handsome, boyishly charming, and intelligent; from a family of wealth and power and is being groomed by his father for a similar future in the family business; an independent thinker who is not afraid to stand up to his father for what he believes in; he has a sense of personal responsibility and morality as well as a deep reserve of passion and emotion. The same actor will also play an adult Jimmy Ray at age 40.


Mayor Josiah Dobbs (SUPPORTING; 50-65; Male Identifying; Baritone Bb2-F4; any ethnicity): Jimmy Ray’s distinguished and overbearing father. He disapproves of Alice Murphy and her wild ways, rightly assuming that she is angling for Jimmy Ray, for whom he has big plans. Non Dancing Role.


Daddy Murphy (FEATURED; 50-65; Male Identifying; Baritone C3-D4; any ethnicity): Alice’s father; an authoritative and a stern disciplinarian; devoutly religious, hard-working, a poor but proud farmer. Non Dancing Role.


Daddy Cane - (FEATURED; 55-70; Male Identifying; Baritone C3-E4; any ethnicity): Billy’s gentle, supportive father. A widower. Kind hearted, if a bit lonely. He loves to read and keeps important things secret.


Daryl Ames – (FEATURED; 25-40; Male Identifying; Tenor E3-G4; any ethnicity): An assistant at a literary magazine. Funny, with a dry and saucy sense of humor, perhaps a bit socially awkward, but endearing and innately likeable. He and Lucy are close friends. Together, they are very loyal to Alice and extremely proud to be working for her.


Ensemble: open ages range, any ethnicity, who can sing and move well) with possible doubling as Dr. Norquist, Max, Stanford, etc. Please note this is an ensemble based and driven show. The ensemble moves the story forward and the production team intends to use the ensemble as much as possible to create the world of this piece.




The Director, Craig Brauner, is committed to diverse and inclusive casting; casting decisions, as much as possible based on the show, are made regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, or shape. ALL are encouraged to audition! In reference to the characters and casting of the show - most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the descriptions. But however limiting the descriptions may be, the casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite the gender non-conforming, gender-queer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or if there is any accommodation we can provide.

cascade 10 play festival

auditions: march 2 & 3

All Aspects Teen Theatre

The Trial of the

big bad wolf

By Joseph robinette

auditions: MARCH 23 & 24


all audition dates subject to change